Monday, 30 August 2010

Could This Be The So Readily Promised Doggy Heaven...

This shot was taken while walking around one of the smaller towns near to were we were staying in France, from the dogs side there was about 2ft between the top of the wall and the floor but from our side a big drop,


The technical information of how I took this photograph;
Lens: sigma 18-200 @ 52mm, Aperture: F.14, Shutter Speed 1/250. ISO: 400,

I wouldn't usually use such a high F. for a photo like this but I had my camera set up for taking shots around town of landscapes and architecture,

After I had taken the picture, I just added a boarder, what you see is how I took it,

I hope that you like my picture,
Thanks Lee Harrison, Happy Days and Happy Snapping.

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