Wednesday, 18 August 2010

To Nice To Leave Behind (but I was smiling)...

This shot was taken while on the ferry, leave Dover Harbour, it seemed like such a shame to be leaving such a beautiful sight behind and it reminded me that even though I have spent most of my childhood holidaying around Great Britain there is still so much I haven’t seen but I had a quiet smile on my face as I took this picture :),

I hope that you like it...


The technical information of how I took this photograph;
Lens: sigma 18-200 @ 18mm, Aperture: F.22, Shutter Speed 1/400. ISO: 400,

For this picture I left my ISO at 400 so I could have a higher shutter speed and there would be no blurring from the movement of the boat, if I was on land using a tripod I would have used ISO 100 and a much lower shutter speed achieving a greater depth of field.

After I had taken the picture, I just edited out a few imperfection such a much in my sensor (I need a clean desperately) and the added a boarder

I hope that you like my picture, Thanks Lee Harrison, Happy Days and Happy Snapping.

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