Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Eyes To The Skies...

This shot was taken whilst walking around Mere Sands Woods, the bird life was very quiet so I took a few experimental pictures,


The technical information of how I took this photograph;
Lens: sigma 18-200 @ 200mm, Aperture: F.44, Shutter Speed 1/500. ISO: 500,

After I had taken the picture, I added a greyscale effect to add more atmosphere to the picture and then added a graduated boarded to fade into the greyscale picture

I took this picture because I liked the effect that the branches had against the sky but taking just the branches didn't give the effect that I wanted, so I thought that if I have the free reaching up into the sky, and leading you into the picture, it could create the picture that I wanted.
It still wasn't quite how I imagined it but I can call it a work in progress...

I hope that you like my picture,

Thanks Lee Harrison, Happy Days and Happy Snapping.

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