Friday, 23 July 2010

Red Arrow Propaganda...

This shot was taken last year at Southport air show and with the thought of the next one soon coming up I decided to have a play with some of my shots from the last one,


The technical information of how I took this photograph;
Lens: sigma 70-300 @ 300mm (this was my older lens that I changed to get a better compromise between wide angle and zoom), Aperture: F.6.4, Shutter Speed 1/1600. ISO: 400,

After I had taken the picture, I added more shadow to enhance the smoke and then upped the highlights to brighten the back ground, once I had done this I added more warmth into colours to give the picture a warmer effect and then add a very small graduated boarder to blend the picture in the background of my blog,

My aim for this picture was to give it a look of an old Propaganda or war style poster; I really wanted to play around with a picture of a spitfire but didn't had any good enough to get the effect that I wanted although I do like this picture because if Propaganda was ever to be printed again, I imagine that newer planes and technology would be the main focus of it... I imagine that this picture would fit the caption “Soar through Life in the RAF” or something along those lines.

I hope that you like my picture,

Thanks Lee Harrison, Happy Days and Happy Snapping.

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brillant pictures