Thursday, 15 July 2010

Mans Best Friend...

I took this picture whilst walking along Ainsdale Beach this time last year,


The technical information of how I took this photograph;
Lens: sigma 18-200 @ 150mm, Aperture: F.8, Shutter Speed 1/2000. ISO: 250,

This was quite an lucky shot, I was sat trying to photograph terns but the light was going, as I was sat there enjoying the sun set, I saw this picture develop in front of me, grabbing my camera, I turned down my ISO up to counteract the sun on the water snapped and the picture turned out like this, mostly luck but sometime that’s how the best picture are created.

After I took the shot I cropped it in to create a panoramic effect, Upped the warmth of the colours to create a slightly more orangey sunset, then added a border,

I hope that you like my picture, Thanks Lee Harrison, Happy Days and Happy Snapping.


Anonymous said...

my favourite

Dave Harrison said...

AWESOME, I know i'm biased but praise were praise is due mate,you are going from strength to strength,if someone dosen't snap up your talents it's criminal !!